building giants book cover

Based on the book, published in 2016 by Building Giants Press

Are you having difficulty finding real talent within your workforce?

Are the results of training invisible?

Are your employees slow to master new technology?

Are skill issues and low performance costing your company money?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to see performance soar, and to have high levels of expertise when you need it?

Participants Learn to

  • Take a business approach to solve top organizational issues with targeted training that works.
  • Develop employees into experts to solve business problems.
  • Improve training impact by following a proven model for success.
  • Plan new hire orientation and on-the-job training to save training time and reduce quality issues.
  • Develop a “Learning Culture” in your organization to accelerate success

Designed and presented by Katy Caselli-Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Author and Instructor with over twenty years of experience in global companies.

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