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Results After Workforce Development

Are you looking for inspiration about getting real results after training? Here is a story where the leader was able to command real, measurable results after training.

An employee fell behind when a new software rolled through to track all inventory. To move the project along, “superusers” were assigned to do the training and make sure of a timely transition. Susan wasn’t included but received training in a computer classroom with others. Three weeks later, when the software system was rolled out, Susan was lost in frustration, making errors and falling behind. The others on her team, most of them the highly trained superusers took up her slack and Sue gratefully focused her attention on other tasks that took up her time.

At some point, a new manager took over and noticed quickly that Sue was only competently doing about 60% of her job. The job had moved on without her, leaving her behind doing busywork. The manager assigned her to work closely with a superuser to bring her up to the expected competence level, and within a few weeks, Sue had all she needed to solve inventory problems and keep product moving.

Her performance level prior to the training was 60% of what it needed to be to do the job competently. We can look at this in terms of her value to the company. If her salary was $50,000/year and she was only doing 60% of her job, her true value to the business was $50,000 X 0.60% or $30,000. That is quite a loss to the business. After the training and support she needed to gain the skills, her value came up to the level required by her job position, a difference of $20,000!