Results After Workforce DevelopmentAre you looking for inspiration about getting real results after training? Here is a story where the leader was able to command real, measurable results after training.

An engineering manager conferred with Building Giants about how out of date department pneumatics systems were. He needed system improvements and upgrades to be handled by their in-house maintenance crew so that pressurized air was used optimally.

Five students attended, knowing they would need to pick an improvement project to complete in the few weeks after training.

After their projects were completed, we measured the results.

Student 1 Replaced ½ inch airlines with ¾ inch lines and added gages to better allow for a consistent flow

Student 2 Investigated and replaced 13 airlines with brushes or closed systems on 15 fill lines saving $5475 per line (saving over $82,000 per year).

Student 3 replaced incorrect fittings and cleaned air lines resulting on increased RPMs on air motors.

Student 4 Recorded baseline decibel levels, then performed cleaning, lubrication, and installed filters and a flow meter, lowing air consumption, noise levels and improving the longevity of equipment.

Student 5 Developed an air system schematic ensuring the consistent replacement of parts and faster troubleshooting time.

Overall, some excellent results for the company, significantly more than what it cost to send five students a few miles to the local community college for low-cost training. Best of all, the students have transitioned their new knowledge over to long-term memory with the use of their new skills, ensuring they will be ready to make more improvements as they notice the need.

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