Are you looking for inspiration about getting real results after training? Here is a story where the organization was able to command real, measurable results after training.

A large manufacturing company assigned an internal expert to conduct Train the Trainer certification courses for 24 prospective internal instructors with the plan that they would spend a portion of their time as trainers in the subjects in which they are highly competent. The instructor is to report on the effectiveness of the class after 3 months.

The report:

It was my pleasure to teach the students Train the Trainer techniques! The following impacts as a result of the class were measured:

  1. Satisfaction: Students had a high level of satisfaction with the class: Overall rating was 4.5 on a 5-point scale. Key comments were misgivings about being assigned as a trainer due to work-load and preference (three students).
  2. Learning. Each of the 24 left with an effective training plan, reviewed and approved by their instructor, proving they had met the objectives of the class.
  3. Use of Learning. By the deadline, (3 weeks post-class) 14 students (60%) had executed their training plan, earned their certification and were assigned to various training assignments.
  4. Business and financial impact. In the next three months, the following reports were collected:

Student 1 shortened change-over time through training for three lines, saving an average of 230 minutes per day. A financial impact of $170,000 per year.

Student 4 improved component flow by training others on standard work, reducing late deliveries to the department by 15%. A financial impact of $87,000 per year.

Student 11 devised a new color-based sorting system for waste and trained all employees to use it and monitor its use for errors. Time to sort was reduced by 30%, and overall waste for the plant was reduced by 9%. A financial impact of $37,000 per year in reduced recyclable waste mixed with landfill waste.

Student 17 performed conflict resolution training for all leaders, reducing escalation up to Human Resources by 45%, a time impact of 28,000 per year in the reduced cost of employee relations work.

Return on investment

Cost of training: 12,000 for Train the Trainer class costs, salaries of experts and participants. An additional 21,000 for the time, materials and preparation of the four students who reported gains above. (total 33,000).

Realized gain for 4 students who measured outcomes: $322,000

322,000- 33,000 divided by: 33,000 = 876 % return on investment

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