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Results After Workforce Development

Are you looking for inspiration about getting real results after training? Here is a story where the leader was able to command real, measurable results after training.

A heavy manufacturing company was having problems with operating, troubleshooting and programming small robots that assemble certain key parts. A simple vibration to the unit could throw things off, often with downtime amounting to an entire shift. Clearly training was an issue causing cycle time to be longer than necessary and downtime measuring off the charts.

The training was set up for operators and process engineers for two identical lines.

The needs assessment identified that the prospective students were missing the skills to set up machines properly, perform troubleshooting of several common faults and recognize uncommon faults and steps to take for resolution, including minor troubleshooting.

Attendees were given pre-assessments and averaged scores of 40% correct before the training, and 100% correct afterward. In addition, equipment was used to simulate specific faults so that students could solve them during training.

In both lines, troubleshooting began to occur at the operator level, without the need for a process engineer or mechanic to step in. Instead of calls to the vendor at an approximate frequency of 2 times a week on average, the calls drop to a frequency of once every 90 days.

Both lines showed an improvement in productivity from three parts per person hour to four parts per person hour, an improvement of 25%.

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