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Results After Workforce Development

Are you looking for inspiration about getting real results after training? Here is a story where the leader was able to command real, measurable results after training.

Building Giants as approached by a new manager who had unexplained sensor equipment losses, we performed a root cause analysis and found that a handed-down behavior has resulted in $25,000 of losses per year for the last decade. We set up a simple training and designed a strategy to reinforce the correct behavior afterward.

Furnace operators would traditionally see that sensor readings would become erratic and to solve it, they would remove the oxygen probe, tap it on the metal surface of the furnace and reinsert it. What they didn’t know was that the probe had very delicate glass parts inside it and that tapping them on the side of the furnace was breaking the internal parts.

What was fixing the erratic readings (caused by heat expanding the o-ring) was the act of removing the probe and refitting it snugly in place. So the problem was being fixed by taking a loose probe and reinstalling it, sometimes with a new o-ring. The additional act of tapping it was costing some serious money.

We did an informal training at the furnace itself with the help of a flip chart. We demonstrated careful handling of the probe, then had students try it. We formed a buddy system for the first few weeks so team members could monitor each other for careful handling of the probe.

For the next several months we monitored and at the end of the year, we had to replace one probe, due to its expiration, not because of damage, a savings of $22,500 that first year.

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