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Welcome to Building Giants, LLC- a business to assist training professionals and organizational leaders who want to make impactful, positive changes with their workforce. Building Giants is located near Raleigh and Durham in North Carolina (the Research Triangle Area). Katy Caselli

Katy Caselli has been in professional training roles for large, global manufacturing organizations for nearly twenty years, giving her extensive experience in solving complex organizational problems through excellent people systems and solutions. Experienced in the pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive, and cosmetics industries, Katy has brought about positive human performance change using multiple tools and methods. Katy uses her master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology to frame hiring and on-boarding systems that are effective and compliant. The owner and president of Building Giants, LLC, Katy has also authored the book: Building Giants: A Proven System to Transforming Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

Services: Consult with Katy Caselli on the best workforce development strategies for your organization!

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