Building Giants Impactful, Engaging Workshops and Webinars

Building Giants offers workshops and webinars to businesses and individuals that have proven effective in improving workforce performance.

Building Giants Workshop

Bring the Building Giants Workshop to your organization to teach your leaders how to succeed with workforce development!

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Train the Trainer for Classroom Instruction

No more death by PowerPoint! A workshop designed to develop expert training skills for instructors.  Learn the secrets of why training fails and prevent it with best in class techniques.

“…Katy wasn’t just a lecturer who stood in front of the class.  She was very interactive with each student.”

–Rob W.

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Leadership Training

This course helps employees to understand themselves and others better, fostering respectful interactions and boosting emotional intelligence.

“Hands down the best leadership class I’ve ever taken in thirty years of leading teams.” –Terrance V.

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Train the Trainer- For On the Job Trainers (OJT)

Purpose: A workshop to develop expert training skills for on the job trainers. Generally students are chosen from the experts of the workforce. Participants learn how to breakdown a …

“…A relaxed environment, everyone was engaged.”

–Tammy R.

“Great examples, and real life scenarios. Katy has the experience to understand what I needed.”

–Lance M.

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Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Webinar

Purpose:  To prevent demoralizing and litigious harassment and discrimination in organizations. Includes discussion and examples of related employment law.

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