This course helps employees to understand themselves and others better, fostering respectful interactions and boosting emotional intelligence.

leader in the workplaceFor newly assigned team leaders, supervisors and managers to introduce basic concepts in team leadership. It also awakens participants to the dangers of victim thinking, both personally and for their team members and gives them concrete steps to reduce negative thoughts, gossip, and actions. An active class, students perform exercises, a group project, self reflection, personal planning, group discussion and analysis mixed in with short lectures and report outs.

8 hours, 8-18 participants

Learner Objectives:

  • Discover your personality style and apply this knowledge to improve work relationships to a high level of effectiveness.
  • Communicate effectively with different personality types to improve engagement, to influence others and to build a higher level of trust.
  • Resolve conflict among team members and peers-remove long standing conflicts and improve constructive conflicts.
  • Team building exercise: group project to practice modifying behavior in groups bring out leadership and empowerment in others.
  • Students look for ways to make their interactions and relationships more positive by adjusting a mindset and shifting from reactive to proactive.

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