Get Ready to Advance Your HR Career

I’m truly honored to be a part of the journeys of hundreds of amazing HR Professionals, and I have total faith that YOU can strengthen your career and take control of its direction.

For the duration of this program, I am committed to:

1. Giving you the practical advice you need to overcome frustrating obstacles to career growth, to help you achieve visibility and credible valuable results for a specific strategic project in 8 weeks and…

2. Helping you develop the successful habits, the belief in your capabilities and the positive mindset to realize your impressive goals.


1 Payment of $197


You will pick one SPECIFIC goal to focus on achieving by the end of the 8 weeks. In order to help you do this, throughout the program you will be given access to:

  • Once a week lessons consisting of coaching video(s) to give you specific insights, designed to develop your vision for what is possible in your career and get you started in your step by step plan.
    Also, I’ll share specific insight to solve the most common issues that are holding you back.
  • Choose the point at which you will schedule time with me for specific guidance and direction.
  • You will examine self-limiting beliefs, interpret the resistance you may be experiencing, discuss others, and how to take control of key meetings.
  • We will reflect on behaviors that are not effective and behaviors that will make others take notice.
  • Once a week you will also receive written instructions and exercises designed to guide you through your personal career growth and help you execute your impactful plan.
  • We will go through a clear structure to accomplish growth and strengthen your confidence so that you can meet your goals and set new ones.
  • I’ll introduce specific tools to help you succeed with getting approval, getting visible, and getting a powerful seat at the table.


1 Payment of $197


Will I have access to the course materials after the 8 weeks?
Yes, you have indefinite access to the course area, but I recommend you download all the materials so you have a personal backup.

Is there a Facebook group or any live components associated with this course?
No, this is a home study course only, with the addition of live, one on one coaching. I do hate dragging students to social media when they do not want to be there! I completely understand why some do not use it. However, in the course platform, there are assignments and you are encouraged to post results, questions and insights there for your fellow students to see and be inspired.


We’ll go deeply into this right from the start in Week 1

You’ll be introduced to basic and advanced tools to get you thinking about a way to make an impactful change for your organization.

In the meantime, are you already aware of waste in your organization? Poor performance, lack of training, significant errors, big time wasters?

Get Excited- Because I’m excited for you!

Think about the possibilities with your future. Do you want to jump a level? Do you want to be a Director, VP or C-Level someday?

Envision what you would like for your career. Imagine what you would do with your new salary, how you would dress, how your relationship would change with top leadership, how you would like to be positioned for a new job? How you would like your resume to read?

I’d like to help you to stretch your comfort zone for the next 8 weeks. This is what will cause you to grow, advance, get visible and get you noticed as a strategic partner.


1 Payment of $197

Free Resouces After Purchase

The eBook On



See how successful companies use On the Job Training as a strategy, solving key quality, safety and retention problems.

“The material Katy covers in her classes are highly effective from seeing the people that have attended her train the trainers class. Generally, it would take 2-4 weeks to train new hires at entry level position using what we have learned almost every new hire we have had lately is basically done with training and proficient at the end of the first week.“
– J. Wood Manager- Palziv NA.

The 60 Minute  Coaching Session

Get my step by step approach to setting up training that shows a measurable result.

  • Show your boss and the rest of the organization positive business results after training
  • Change team member’s behavior and show real numbers that prove you are fixing stubborn & costly problems
  • Use the Building Giants proven system to grow your organization’s learning culture

“I used Building Giants’ methods to bring a third shift group of new hires from 40% machine uptime to 69% uptime in a few short weeks, surpassing all expectations by director level staff.
I later developed an operator qualification program which drove our Right the First Time (RFT) metric up by nearly 10%. We also saw reduced costs in headcount and customer complaints.”
J. Smith (Operational Excellence Manager Los Angeles, CA).

Self-Paced eLearning Class

Strategies for Women at Work to Earn More

Nine lessons designed to get you the money you deserve! Includes key wage laws, researched insights about male vs. female behaviors and negotiation tactics for women to level the playing field.

“Anyone could watch this course starting with little to no knowledge of the topic and end feeling confident to discuss with others and start negotiating!”
Dr. K. Hubbard


This course really made me think and be truthful with myself in a non-threatening setting. I found an amazing job just one month later…

— Eleanor Light

Support Services

A Very Insightful Course! Katy gave practical advice and examples. This course is a must take for anyone who aspires to soar to great heights in life.

— Veera Venkata Prasad

Human Resources Manager