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Are you having difficulty finding real talent within your workforce? Are the results of training invisible? Are your employees slow to master new technology? Are skill issues and low performance costing your company money? Wouldn’t it be a relief to see performance...

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Workforces and Negativity

American workforces face tough environments. A recent study by Rand Corp, Harvard Medical School and The University of California, Los Angeles found in a 2015 poll of 3,066 US workers that nearly one in five employees report that they work in threatening or hostile...

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Speaking in Dollars and “Sense”

I often have conversations with Human Resources Professionals who have a hard time convincing their organization’s leaders that training budgets should increase rather than shrink. One big reason for this is the lack of a clear and positive training outcome; such as...

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People Are Assets-Choose Them Wisely

A typical asset in a company, such as a freezer unit, vehicle, inventory system, or computer gets regular attention. It is purchased, set up, tested, and evaluated. It is put on a maintenance schedule and may get additional repairs, upgrades, and assessments. People...

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The Needs of The Newly Hired

New employees are in a particularly interesting position. They want to prove themselves, look confident, and share their expertise. But for new hires, often, the team and leader are busy. They may attend an orientation class, and then be left reading standard...

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Have you Lost Faith in Training Vendors?

Building Giants Newsletter March 14, 2017 Picture this: A vendor calls someone in Human Resources and pitches their Time Management class: “It’s the next best thing to enhance productivity, returning rave reviews, a 300% return on investment for all kinds of...

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