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Human Resources: Three Critical Elements to Making it to Our Dream Job. The HR Careers Show Ep. 46.

Human Resources:5 Ways to Improve YOUR HR Career and Starting New Habits. The HR Careers Show Ep. 45

Human Resources: An Example of a Goal to Stand Your Hair on End. The HR Careers Show Ep. 44


First let’s have a laugh: An Embarrassing Incident Rectified and Let’s Get You 76 More Minutes Per Day to Advance Your HR Career!

Human Resources: Is Improvement Necessary? Could a Leader Do HR’s Job?  The HR Careers Show Ep. 42.

Three incidents Involving My Favorite Employee. And When Exactly Does One Become a Champion?
Is it when they win a medal? Or long before? The same goes for career advancement in Human Resources.The HR Careers Show Episode 41.

Three ways to make HR Dance! And The Research Behind Why Some People Hate HR. On The HR Careers Show Episode 39!

The Random Drug Test Workaround and Using Unconventional Leadership Advice to up your HR Game.

Four Incidents that Freaked Out HR. And how to reclaim that “I want to be in HR” Feeling.

Is HR Really the Bad Guy? And blasting away a fear in the HR Careers Show. Episode 35!

My Fake Candidate and Working on What Holds Us Back in Our HR Careers. With special Guest Mark Garrett Hayes From the Podcast “Training Business”. On Episode 34 of the HR Careers Show.



Caught- On Our New Security Camera, and Do you Know Yourself and Others Enough? On the HR Careers Show Episode 33!

The Dad Who Wasn’t Really Dead! And About Parallel Moves in Your HR Career. Episode 32 of the HR Careers Show!

The HR Careers Show Episode 31: My candidate is a criminal and how to distract yourself AND help your HR Career.

The HR Careers Show Episode 30!!   A Stunning Situation for Human Resources to Solve and Do You Have a “Bad Blood” Relationship in your workplace? Then let’s end it today.

The HR Careers Show Episode 29:  There was something strange about that moving van! And helping yourself to love working in HR again.

The HR Careers Show Episode 28:  Don’t miss Three Incidents in the Corporate Classroom! And the FOUR tricks to showing powerful results with training.

The HR Careers Show Episode 27: Three Strange Questions for HR and Why We HATE feedback and How Badly We Need it.

The HR Careers Show Episode 26: Having to “HR” while drunk and breaking free from from being stuck. HR Careers Show Episode 26, Happy New Year!