Do You Need an Organizational Psychologist?

Do you need strategic guidance?  Are your people systems bringing more headaches than business impact?  Hire an Organizational Psychologist for short, targeted consulting sessions, and take your organization to the next level.

Poor performance wastes time, shrinks profits and chases away customers.  Show your organization strategic improvement with help from an organizational psychologist.

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Set Up Workforce Training to Show a Real Impact

You have spent the allotted budget to send your employees to training, but do you know if it worked? Are there more effective leaders? More money saved? Better customer ratings?  If you are sick of wasted time and effort with training, partner with an Organizational Psychologist to design and implement a training program to show a business impact.

Set up Or Improve Your Performance Management System

Do you have employees hiding in plain sight? These so-called employees only do a part of their job successfully and are likely losing you money with every payday. Improve Performance Management Your poor performers must be held effectively accountable, with their efforts aligned with the business goals. But how do you know where to start?

Set up or Improve Your New Hire Orientation Process

No matter the size or type of organization, every new hire needs the key messages and information to get up to speed with a minimum of errors, confusion, accidents. Partner with an Organizational Psychologist and take these four steps to develop an impactful and supportive New Hire Orientation program.

Hire the best: Strengthen your recruiting process and make it objective and data-driven.

An ineffective recruitment process means more turnover, both voluntary and involuntary…It can mean employees who do not fit in with the culture and disagree with the company vision. Save time, money and effort with effective selection practices.

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