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Your ultimate tool kit for changing performance permanently with effective training.


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Have you spent thousands or more on training that did no good?

Sixty to ninety percent of all corporate training efforts are said to end in failure because the workforce does not adopt new behaviors and skills in the job.  Enough of this madness, let’s end this waste! 

Get measurable training results fast with this (nearly) “done for you” consulting and training package!

Use the Building Giants Workforce Development System and show off your strategic value by measuring real results after training!  “Wow” your executive team with improvement data they have been wishing for!


  • Make internal workforce development efforts pay off and stop losing training dollars and time.
  • Use the secrets in this course and consultation package to show a Return on Investment (ROI) and solve serious skill problems!
  • Teach leaders the steps to follow to create exciting performance changes with the Building Giants course (virtually or In-person).


Is your organization like most?


Are you having difficulty finding real talent within your workforce? 

Are the results of training invisible?

Are your employees slow to master new technology?

Are skill issues and low performance costing your company money?

This package will pay for itself many times over or your money back!


1. Your Consulting Guide to measure a Return on Investment

                                            AND  2. The Building Giants Training Class to Teach leaders their critical part!


Why is NOW the best time for a project like this?


The benefits of using Training to help your organization during and after the COVID 19 Crisis:

  • Using researched best practices, this package can reduce losses, increase uptime, increase sales, and allow organizations to adopt new business models with agility.
  • Take a single, serious business problem linked to missing skills and knowledge and discover the solution, apply training, and measure the outcomes. Show a return on investment (ROI) for your efforts!
  • Teach leaders the exact steps to follow to create exciting performance changes with the Building Giants course (virtually or In-person).
  • Show off your own case studies to grow a learning culture and convert leaders into learning supporters.
  • Use the tools included and show a strategic gain your organization needs to rebuild.
  • Solve the big problems that keep the organization from meeting goals
  • Get employees to 100% competency
  • Find and develop “superpowers” among your experts.
  • Raise employee engagement level while measurably reducing mistake, accidents, and losses



                                           Your Consultant and Course Creator

Katy Caselli is a workforce development expert and an organizational psychologist.* Her students are spread across 124 countries. She designed this class in 2013 and has taught it to thousands of students. She is the author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training. 

Why Buy an Off The Shelf Package?


This course and consulting materials took months to build and years to refine… Do you have time for that? Take advantage of this (nearly) “done for you” project, with everything you need to get started right away. Save time and money now. Help your company recover from COVID-19 with a highly-skilled, high-performing workforce!


Fixed it! See how we showed a return on investment with a Train the Trainer class: Case Study
Fixed it! See how we solved major technical issues with training:  Case Study  
Fixed it! See how we solved a performance problem using this method: Case Study
Missed it! Now see the typical, frustrating, and discrediting types of training companies often do: No wonder workforce
training has a bad reputation and is the first to go in a recession!  Case Study

How it works:

  • Take a business problem linked to missing skills and knowledge, and follow the consulting tools to measure it, discover the solution, apply training, and measure the outcomes. Create your transformational case study with our step by step instructions and template!
  • Teach leaders the exact steps to follow to create exciting performance changes with the Building Giants course (teach it virtually or In-person). Increase a learning culture, guide development planning, and solve specific, painful skill gaps.
  • Purchaser holds a lifetime license to use these valuable materials!

What’s Included:











“I used Building Giants’ methods to bring a third shift group of new hires from 40% machine uptime to 69% uptime in a few short weeks, surpassing all expectations by director-level staff.
I later developed an operator qualification program that drove our Right the First Time (RFT) metric up by nearly 10%. We also saw reduced costs in headcount and customer complaints.”
J. Smith (Operational Excellence Manager Los Angeles, CA).


Katy does an excellent job of taking the complex and explaining it in simple terms. Her program is a must for anyone in the field of organizational training and development.”  Terry Compton, Manager of Manufacturing- Oxford, North Carolina


operation smile

Deborah-Before and After

Building Giants, LLC is a contributor to Operation Smile- an organization that heals terrible cleft palate defects for children in Africa, India, and Asia. This is Debra. Building Giants sometimes starts right at the beginning.

More About the Course: Building Giants

The course Includes detailed instructor guides in video and written form. Teach this class online or in-person!

The Audience: Teach the most critical influencer of employee development: The leaders how to succeed with workforce training   4 Hours, 10-24 students


Participants learn to:

  • Take a business approach to solve top organizational issues with targeted training that works.
  • Develop employees into experts to solve business problems.
  • Improve training impact by following a proven model for success.
  • Develop a “Learning Culture” in your organization to accelerate performance improvements

SampleBG_Slides              See sample instructor guides here: 

You get the full course to teach and project guidelines and consulting to pull this off smoothly and easily.  Step by step methodology proven to show outstanding returns on training investment!



  • Free access to email support by the Building Giants Founder and President, Katy Caselli for six months after the purchase to make sure your project goes off without a problem!
  • Guarantee: This package will pay for itself many times over or your money back


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