Human Capital Transformation Consulting and Training Package


Your ultimate tool kit for changing the trajectory of performance in your organization by hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


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Use this system with just ONE employee and save $20,000 per year on performance!

This package has everything you need to evaluate employees who lose your organization’s money with each and every paycheck and replace them with the best who bring more profits and bring real performance value.

Evaluate Objectively with your Leaders AND  Raise Performance Through Excellent Hiring

Training Package

Consulting Package and Step by Step Instructions

Why is NOW the best time for a project like this?  It is time to perform a workforce “reset”:

  • As many companies lay off inefficiently, they are wasting incredible amounts of performance value. Adopt an accountability mindset and grow hundreds of thousands worth of superior performance instead.
  • Use a systematic evaluation system that objectively measures employees’ performance of job tasks.
  • Increase the long-term value and productivity of the workforce by hundreds of thousands or millions for larger organizations.
  • See significant workforce improvement after years of a tight job market and slim choices.
  • Stop leaders from using a “good gut feeling” to choose employees. Improve validity with structured hiring tools.
  • Use the tools included and show a strategic gain your organization needs to rebuild.

How it works:


Your Consultant and Course Creator

Katy Caselli is a workforce development expert and an organizational psychologist.* Her students are spread across 124 countries. She designed this class in 2004 and has taught it to thousands of students. She is the author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

This course and consulting materials took months to build and years to refine… Do you have time for that? Take advantage of this (nearly) “done for you” project and save time and money now. Help your organization recover from COVID-19 with a streamlined, high-performing organization!

See what we did with just five poor performers: Case Study   

What’s included:

  1. Your consulting guide, including specific tools to influence your organization’s leaders and help you succeed such as case studies, project slides, the analysis tool, and project charts.
  2. Your training materials-Use these when your organization is ready to hire the absolute best, including a 4 hour class for leaders on Behavioral interviewing, including questions, class materials, and guides for mock interviews and selection tools. Deliver it virtually or in person.
  3. Purchaser holds a lifetime license to use these valuable materials!


Why buy an off the shelf course and consulting package?


This course and consulting materials took months to build and years to refine… Do you have time for that? Take advantage of this (nearly) “done for you” project and save time and money now. Help your organization recover from COVID-19!


…Katy has accomplished what no one has been able to do before. She is an expert in improving human performance…Katy is someone you want on your team if you want to strategically want to move your organization to the next level.”           -Anja Gottlich-Dumas Human Resources, Duke Clinical Research


“…I really enjoyed the class! The opportunity to have students conduct a mock interview was invaluable…”             -B. Ellis, Human Resources Manager, Indian Oil


More About the Course: Hire the Best: This is your Train the Trainer Course Kit: Includes detailed instructor guides in video and written form. Teach this class online or in-person!


Hire the Best: Behavioral Event Interviewing for Leaders:   4 Hours, 10-24 students


This course helps hiring managers to make the best hire by gaining real insight into a candidate.  Learners spot the ways in which candidates embellish their past and see past first impressions to determine fit, specific experience, and typical behavior. This method has been proven to lead to higher performing, more valuable hires. Also, interviewers are taught how to avoid legal risks in interview questions and selection practices.

Course Objectives:

Demonstrate the use of the STAR method in interviewing
Determine if candidates have the skills and characteristics to succeed in the role
Identify and avoid legally risky interview questions, selection tactics, and tests, and choose legal and effective questions
Document objective evaluations

Course Outline

STAR Method basics: Asking Behavioral Questions
Recognizing “False STARS”
Staying out of Legal Trouble- Avoiding discrimination in interviews. Learners will spot possibly problematic questions and convert them to reduce legal risk.
Brainstorming in groups to develop behavioral questions for upcoming interviews that fit your organization’s needs
Practice conducting interviews, including welcome, background, probing behavioral questions, and recognition of incomplete answers.

You get the full course to teach and project guidelines and consulting to pull this off smoothly and easily.


Free access to email support by the Building Giants Founder and President, Katy Caselli for six months after the purchase to make sure your project goes off without a problem!  Get started by entering your information below!

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