Setting Up Structured On-the-Job Training


Your ultimate tool kit for formalizing training to reduce, errors, injuries and increase skill fast.  

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Buy this package and set up the Structured On the Job Training System (S-OJT)- Complete with consulting project guides and the training course for On-the-Job Trainers to help you implement your project and get your Subject Matter Experts doing effective training right away!


This package has everything you need to implement Structured On-the-Job Training


A few of the companies that have benefitted from working with the Building Giants On-the-Job Training system: John Deere, Tyson Foods, Bayer Healthcare, KBI BioPharma, Kelloggs, Bosch, Polyzen, Palziv North America

The Benefits of S-OJT:


Structured On-the-Job Training has been proven to help organizations in the following ways:

  • Reduce training time by 72% over “The Buddy System”.
  • Increase troubleshooting ability by 130%
  • Reduce bad product or errors by 76%
  • Reduce injuries, incidents, and downtime
  • Get employees to know and follow the procedure
  • Reduce variation in how employees perform work
  • Transform your experts to expert trainers
  • And YET… this method has the same approximate training cost as “the buddy system.”
  • Research shows us that new hires who attend a structured onboarding are 58% more likely to stay in the company for over 3 years.

Why do organizations need this?

The losses in using “the Buddy System” are largely invisible. Make your organization more competitive with the proven advantages of structured training to improve productivity and prevent costly errors, injuries and lost customers.


(Nearly) Done For You Consulting Package-Preparing and rolling out S-OJT
                                                                                                                AND… Complete Training Course for OJT Trainers


How it works:





Your Consultant and Course Creator

Katy Caselli is a workforce development expert and an organizational psychologist.* Her students are spread across 124 countries. She designed this class in 2004 and has taught it to thousands of students. She is the author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

“My dream is to bring the use of I/O Psychology concepts to organizations who are struggling to recover from COVID-19.  I/O Psychology shouldn’t be exclusively used by fortune 500 and 1000 companies.  All companies need to access this research presented in a useful, effective way.”

Why buy a Package like this?

This course and consulting materials took months to build and years to refine… Do you have time for that? Take advantage of this (nearly) “done for you” project and save time and money now. Help your organization recover from COVID-19 by building high-performers in your organization!

See the results we measured after a Train the Trainer Course: Train the Trainer_Case Study  


What’s included:

  1. Your consulting guide, including step by step instructions to find resources, influence leaders as to why this is critical, and specific tools to track, evaluate, and document training efforts.
  2. Your training materials-Use these when your organization is ready to teach Subject Matter Experts their critical role.  Deliver it in person as a certification workshop, so that trainers are finished with their training when they have executed training and collected feedback. Certificate included!
  3. Purchaser holds a lifetime license to use these valuable materials!





“She was very informative and helpful. Her train the trainer course has worked wonders.” Jim Mardlin-Manufacturing supervisor


“ …Generally, it would take 2-4 weeks to train new hires at entry-level positions using what we have learned almost every new hire we have had lately is basically done with training and proficiency at the end of the first week.” James Wood- Manager of Manufacturing

operation smile

Deborah-Before and After

Building Giants, LLC is a contributor to Operation Smile- an organization that heals terrible cleft palate defects for children in Africa, India, and Asia. This is Debra. Building Giants sometimes starts right at the beginning. Every five course purchases funds one child’s operation.


More About the Course: Train the Trainer for On-The-Job Trainers

8 Hours, 6-12 students


This course is a workshop designed to turn Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) into Certified Trainers.  Interactive and engaging, attendees create a training plan on a topic of their choice and prepare to train others. Generally, students are chosen from the experts of the workforce so they can train others on technical tasks. Training is done one on one or in small groups while doing hands-on learning activities. In this course, students learn how to breakdown a task and plan to teach others successfully how to perform it. This course is designed to be used as an internal certification.

Course Objectives:

  • Prepare to perform technical training
  • Perform a Job Task Analysis
  • Demonstrate technical tasks
  • Compose SMART Objectives
  • Evaluate student learning objectives objectively and report them
  • Draft a final training plan


Course Outline

  • Attendees determine the impacts of poor training by analyzing a case study
  • Attendees discuss the invisible losses of “The Buddy System.”
  • Attendees create a training plan specific to a topic they are an expert in.
  • Attendees practice performing a Job Task Analysis after assembling a complex
  • toy and breaking down the tasks into teachable chunks.
  • Attendees practice with SMART objectives by setting goals for a complex toy.
  • Attendees create student activities that help with skill evaluation
  • Attendees learn to give objective feedback of SMART objective accomplishment,
  • and document this.
  • Attendees give a summary of their plan to others and get feedback.
  • After class- Attendees execute their training plan and collect feedback for improvement.


You get the full course to teach and project guidelines and consulting to pull this off smoothly and easily.


Free access to email support by the Building Giants Founder and President, Katy Caselli for six months after the purchase to make sure your project goes off without a problem!  Get started by entering your information below!

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