Unemployment levels are the lowest in fifty years. How are you finding talent?


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  • Get valuable questions to use to determine the “staying power” of prospective employees

  • Guidance to conduct “stay” interviews with your most valuable employees

  • A plan to capture short-term fixes to reduce regretted employee losses.

  • Decide what long-term strategies to start to build a perpetual pipeline of excellent talent.

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Katy Caselli has approximately 250,000 students in 124 countries!

Join us and listen to an Organizational Psychologist solve your deep people system problems for a free hour consultation about workforce retention!

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A Speaker, Instructor and Author, Katy is an organizational psychologist and Founder and President of Building Giants, LLC. She has been solving complex people-systems problems for global organizations for over 20 years. For Human Resources professionals and leaders who want to have the best talent! 

Some of this course is based on Katy Caselli’s book which has strategic ways to change your workforce for the better.

 Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training. Available on Amazon!

“Focus and passion for training and development are clearly displayed in all that she does” -Jennifer White- Quality Director Reichhold Inc.

“Building Giants is a fantastic tool for any company to use for organizational growth.”- Sarah Deuel Technical Trainer-Polyzen, NC

“I recently attended a lecture by Katy highlighting how training can be delivered in an interactive and engaging way. It was very informative and I learned several methods I used with my team and students alike.” G. Pruitt- Melbourne Polytechnic Instructor

“Katy is someone who brings practical business solutions to all her clients that are proven to engage employees and elevate sustainable performance. If you haven’t read her book, Building Giants, it’s definitely worth checking out.”  Rick Barton, L and D Executive.

Go from pulling your hair out to a better time to fill rate and less dependence on expensive recruiting with specific guidance from organizational psychologist and author Katy Caselli.


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