Train the Trainer – For On The Job Training (OJT)

on the job training

Prepare SMEs for On- The-Job Training

Purpose: A workshop to develop expert training skills for on the job trainers.  Generally students are chosen from the experts of the workforce.  Participants learn how to breakdown a task and plan to teach others successfully how to perform it.  For those who will teach technical subject matter to one or more employees, students will develop a training plan to execute when they return to the job.  Ask how to turn this course into an internal certification to further motivate learners and build your Structured On-the-Job Training Program!

Learner Objectives

  • Prepare to perform effective technical training by doing a job task analysis and organizing information from simple to complex.
  • Compose SMART Objectives to reflect the successful behaviors needed to perform the task correctly.
  • Demonstrate technical tasks effectively to the depth and skill level needed for excellent trainee judgment.
  • Recognize and avoid barriers to learning that derail training sessions.
  • Assess and report learning accomplishment with objectivity.
  • Develop a final training plan to execute within a few weeks of class completion.

Location: A live course at your location

Audience: For Subject Matter Experts who will be performing technical training to individuals and small groups

Duration: 8 Hours

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