Train the Trainer- Simulation Training Areas

simulating tech training

Simulation of training

Simulated training gives a learner a chance to learn away from critical process areas, reducing critical errors, product loss and incidents.  Also, learning in simulated training areas turns out to be more effective and is retained better than with other training methods. Learners rate themselves as more confident with the tasks after simulation training too. This is an excellent for improving Technical Training efforts in manufacturing and industrial settings.

If you’ve decided your organization needs a simulated learning center and have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), then you will need a special Train the Trainer class to get your project started.

Train the Trainer- Simulated Training Environment Developers- 16 hours

Purpose: A workshop to teach Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop simulated work training in order to accelerate learning, and reduce errors and bottleneck in real manufacturing lines and equipment. A specialized training course for companies who are serious about training new hires to do their job in a highly structured way without jeopardizing the product line. SMEs are taught to design simulated technical training, and leave with at least one draft simulated training plan.

Learner Objectives:

  • Design interactive, hands-on simulation modules for accelerated on-boarding of new hires in a manufacturing/industrial environment
  • Use learning theory and job task analysis to design the best learning plan for students.
  • Create hands-on technical training plans for teaching basic tasks that take knowledge and skill from zero to 100% competence.

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