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Katy Caselli has been a people systems and performance problem solver for global organizations for over 20 years.  As an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, she has created workplace people systems for global organizations such as Kellogg’s, John Deere, Revlon and more.

In 2016, she authored Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training.

Katy focuses on helping Human Resources professionals so they can implement strategies that make a major difference.  She has Human Resources students in 124 countries and she consults, coaches and performs effective training.

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Building Giants: A Proven System to Show Impact with Workforce Training

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Katy Caselli is an expert in workforce performance and educated in industrial/organizational psychology. She is the Founder and President of Building Giants, LLC, an author, speaker, coach, and instructor. Katy Caselli has helped companies show a sustained return on investment with training, set up impactful orientation programs, performed transformational coaching and has trained an estimated 250,000 students internationally. The author of Building Giants: A Proven System to Transform Your Workforce Through Effective Training, Katy has a dual presence in the Raleigh area of North Carolina and in the North Bay of California and has students in 124 countries.


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• Reduce turnover with solid recruiting, selection and onboarding strategies

• Establish a leadership training program to improve a culture of performance

• Design performance management techniques to increase accountability and employee value

• Set up training systems to show a return on investment

Building Giants, LLC provides corporate training that shows a measurable business impact. From our Raleigh/Durham, NC office and from the West Coast in Petaluma, CA, we serve clients across the nation.


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See what top HR Professionals and Industrial Managers have to say about Building Giants:

Jennifer White

Quality Manager at Reichhold


“Focus and passion are clearly displayed in all that she does. She epitomizes the recognition that people truly are your greatest asset…I would not hesitate to work with Katy again, and I only hope to have that opportunity in the future… “

Sonja Haywood

Dir. of HR, Coty Inc


“Katy quickly understands her client’ needs for having a real bottom dollar effect by developing, aligning and delivering organizational training and development activities to meet business goals…”

Anja Gottlich-Dumas

Analyst at Mercedes Benz US International


“Katy has accomplished that which no one else has been able to do before…”

Ed Gonzalez

SPHR-Plant HR Manager at NACCO Materials Handling Group


“Katy has been an asset and great mentor to me from a program design and launch perspective…”

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